The Stairlings Collective Logo designed by Alexandra Hall

The Stairlings Collective are an intergenerational LGBTQ+ history research collective initiated by artist Alisha Doody in 2018. Through a quest for Irish LGBTQI+ history, and sharing and exploring their own identities in the process, the group explore living histories through the experiences of LGBT people. Central to the project are Alexandra Hall and Jules Farrell two young trans women who have dedicated themselves to this work. However, the project would not be possible without the ongoing support of Sara Phillips, Chair of the Board of Directors at Trans Equality Network Ireland and Keeva Carroll the National Community Development Officer also at TENI. In our past projects we have also been lucky to have the support of Lisa Kenny, National Network Coordinator in BelongTo and Izzy Kamikaze – long time Irish LGBTQI+ activist who we are ever grateful to.

This work has been supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, the PhotoIreland Foundation, GCN, TENI and BeLonGTo.